About us

The company UZBI Usługowy Zakład Budowlano – Instalacyjny Szwajewski Tadeusz was founded in 1991. From the beginning of its activity, UZBI has focused on providing services to the energy, heating and food sectors. Since 2012, the company has started a new chapter of its activity by developing highly specialized welding technologies. Thanks to its reliability and precision, it has acquired the first space project in the Lublin region.

In our team we gather a qualified team of technologists, welders and fitters. We have gained our knowledge and experience working earlier in Zakłady Remontowe Energetyki ZRE Lublin S.A. Supervision over all welding processes carried out by the International Welding Engineer (IWE).

We have an internal quality assurance system that has been audited by SENER and Thales Alenia Space Italy. We have a certificate PN-EN ISO 3834 -2: 2007 – quality assurance in welding and PN-EN ISO 1090 in the field of ZKP certification in the 2+ system.