As part of the services we provide turnkey projects including purchases, prefabrication, implementations, special processes, transport, assembly and commissioning. We work with industry design offices and companies in the construction, insulation, non-destructive and destructive testing (VT, RT, MT, PT, UT).

We produce, exchange and modernize:

  • pipe coils for water heaters and steam superheaters, festoons, flag surfaces
  • chambers,
  • steam, water and technological pipelines,
  • steel constructions,
  • industrial installations.

Welding processes performed in our Company

  • TIG
  • MIG
  • Coated electrode
  • Gas welding

Materials welded in our company

  • Construction steel
  • Construction steel or work in higher temperature
  • High-alloy heat-resistant steel
  • High-alloy acid-resistant steel
  • Aluminium
  • Structural steel – stainless steel

Production facilities

UZBI has production facilities with a production area of over 3,500 m2 with also storage area.

Production equipment:

  • mandrel benders – hydraulic – semi-automatic,
  • stationary and portable chamfering machines,
  • LINCOLN and LORCH welding machines,
  • machine tools, including: lathes, milling machines, spindle drills,
  • professional equipment for cleaning and painting.


  • manufacturing of pressure elements – licenses UC-13-93-E / 1-12
  • repairs of water and steam boilers – licenses UC-13-93-N / 1-12
  • modernization of water and steam boilers – licenses UC-13-93-P / 1-12
  • WPQR welding licenses for material groups I and V for homogeneous and various connectors, including material groups 7 and 8
  • qualifications for plastic working (bending) with a bending radius of R = 46 – qualifications No. GP1 / 1014; GP2 / 2014 and GP1 / 10/2017.


Our reliable and professional service are proved by provided references.